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Manifesto Writing

Here is where a brand comes to life, finds its place in a world full of its alikes. A brand manifesto gives your brand its personality, purpose and proposition.

“Feeling low, send some love?”


Take care, sending bear hugs!” 


“I don’t feel myself today!”

“Should I send some dessert your way?”


“I love that saree of yours!”

“Borrow it whenever you want!”


“Can I get that lipstick too?”

“Of course, the red or the nude?”


“Bomboclaat this picture of mine!”

“MY KWEEEN, you look so fine!”


The internet friends.

The best friends.

The mother.

The maasi.

The niece.

The naani. 

Who knows who said what? All we know is, women always lift each other up.


Sharing your bold makeup palette and the confidence to wear it too.

Saying things that matter and “You Matter” too.

Speaking up to them and speaking up for them too.

Now, what can be bolder than being someone else’s reason to be bold?


Celebrating women and their bonds that continue to #LiveBoldly 


Revlon - #LiveBoldly
Rosy Blue - More Than Diamonds

We source diamonds.

And protect their source too.


We trade diamonds.

And often, some smiles too.


We manufacture diamonds.

And set ethical processes for it too. 


We polish diamonds.

And the skills of our polishers too.


We are where integrity meets quality.

We are where commitment meets community.


We are Rosy Blue.

We are More Than Diamonds.

SPACES - Spring - Summer Collection

We’ve known.

The annoying sand that stuck to your clothes after a day at the beach.

And the sun tan from the concert of your favourite band that you flaunted.

The inviting smell of charred food on the BBQ evening that you couldn’t resist.

The warm sun-kissed mornings at your camp in the picturesque hills.

The careless siestas that you wished never came to an end.


We’ve known summers.

Script Writing

From bringing unconventionality to beauty and humour to banking, from bringing innovation to lifestyle and power to communities, brands have made it all possible with films that tell a story.


The film opens on Kiara waiting for her shot to get ready, in sand dunes. She squints her eye a little at the scorching sun and says,
Kiara V.O: ‘The torrid sun’
Now you see her shoot on a beach, she’s enacting a scene. She says,
Kiara V.O: ‘The coastal sun.’
Cut to her walking past a huge French window. You see gentle winter sun falling in, on her. She looks at the camera, then the sun and says,
Kiara V.O: ‘The winter sun.’

I’ve faced them all but never their 5 signs of damage.’

FVO: ‘No regular skincare for me. Just Ponds SunProtect with SPF 50...shields and protects
from 5 signs of skin damage.’


Kiara picks up the tube and applies it on her neck and face in upward direction, the SPF 50 forming a curvy stylish typo in the same direction as she applies.

FVO: Formulated with SPF 50


We zoom into the zero of the SPF 50 which becomes the eye of a dermatologist’s skin testing machine, under which we see Kiara’s skin action. The sunscreen gets absorbed in the skin cells and a luminous glow rises from the bottom of each skin cell to its surface, blasting away each sign of sun damage hovering at their surface.

FVO: to protect skin from five signs of sun damage.

Kiara’s face glows in the sun.

Packshot and signoff: Pond’s Sun Protect, protects from 5 signs of sun damage.

1. Suhaagraat

SUPER: When’s not a good time to use Spaces bed linen?

The film opens on the bride standing next to a bed, she sees that her groom has dozed off.


She grabs the bedsheet and pulls it off. The groom rolls over and falls off the bed.


We cut to a shot of the bed with Spaces bedsheet on it.

VO: Spaces Hygrocotton Bedsheets, only if you’re thinking of sound sleep.

SUPER: Adjusts temperature upto 2°C. 

Spaces logo.

2. Pillow

SUPER: How do you know your bedsheet doesn't have superpowers?


We see the top shot of a bed where we see a man flipping his pillow to the other side.


VO: You do this to keep it cool.


A shot of Spaces Hygrocotton bedsheet being spread on the bed.

FVO: Presenting Spaces Hygrocotton bedsheets that adjust temperature up to 2 deg C.

Spaces logo.


1. E ki maatra


Film opens on a 9-10 year old girl running around her village gullies with a spring in her step. She sees some koyla burning and picks up one piece and blows it profusely because it’s hot but doesn’t stop her springing steps.

You see her reach a wall painting where an ad says “बेटा पाने की औषधि”


You see her scribble something on that wall with the coal in her hand. There’s a wide shot of the wall painting that has the “E ki maatra” in black on the word beta, making it beti. Everything else written in red with a matra that’s freshly written in black – “बेटी पाने की औषधि”


Cut to her at a marketplace where a pillar has an ad. It says “प्रकाश ट्यूशन क्लासेज़ . अब हर बेटा इंजीनियर .” with some pictures of boys and their grades, how coaching classes typically do it.


Here our little girl makes the E ki maatra on बेटा again. You see a close up shot of the pillar. She is just about to leave but comes back and does something on the ad again and giggles. You see all the boys on the ad, now have long hair.


The girl goes about springing and reaches an old man sitting outside his little shop reading newspaper. There’s a headline that says “फिर एक बेटा बना हरयाणा का गौरव” with a picture of a sportperson and a medal in his neck. Our little girl changes the headline to “फिर एक बेटी बनी हरयाणा का गौरव”


As this girl giggles and goes around shattering all stereotypes in her village, the VO kicks in:

‘Fark bas ek E ki maatra ka hi toh hai. Warna aisa kya hai jo ladka kar sakta hai aur ladki nahi.'

2. Independence Day

The film opens in a government school in Haryana in a remote setup. You see a master teaching the children about national days of our country. We now hear him say ‘Swatantrata divas – 15 August (pun-draah agast)’. You see a girl, 13 years of age, mouth “Swatantrata” as she tries to pronounce it. And then writes it in her book.

We cut to dinner time at this 13 year old’s home. It’s a dimly lit kitchen with a lamp. She is sitting next to her mother who is making hot rotis on the chulha and her father and elder brother are sitting around it. You hear her murmur ‘Ma, mujhe bhi bhookh lagi hai’. The mother hushes her and says ‘Pehle papa ko khaane de.’


The little girl makes a disappointed face and sits aside. Then asks ‘Ma, swatantrata divas kya hota hai?’ Her mother flips the fulka on the chulha and says ‘Bahut saalon tak angrezon ne hum hindustaniyon par raaj kiya tha. Hum unke gulaam bankar rehte the kyonki humara darja unse kam tha.


At this you just cut to the father and son sitting and eating.

Desh apna tha par apnapan kabhi nahi lagta tha. Jis din humein unki hukumat se azaadi mili, us din ko swantantrata divas kehte hain.’ 


The girl thinks for a bit and says ‘Ma, aapko aur mujhe swatantrata nahi mili kya?’

We cut to the father look in their direction as he is sitting listening to his daughter. The mother hushes the daughter and says ‘Chup kar! Ab jaake yeh roti baapu ko de aa!’

You suddenly hear the father scream – ‘Haan aur apni bhi plate le aana saath.’


The girl excitedly jumps and the mother just smiles and pats her back and says “Ja, khaale baapu aur bhai ke saath!”


Next morning we see the girl in the classroom again. The master asks the class ‘Kisne yaad hai Swatantrata divas kab hai?’ The whole class unanimously shouts ‘15 August master ji!’ From this voice unanimous voice comes one voice that says ‘Kal tha, master ji!’ Everyone looks at her. Some of her classmates even laugh secretly. She continues ‘Mere baapu kal bole ab main ghar mein jo chahe woh kar sakti hun. Toh mera swatantrata divas toh kal hi hua na, master ji?


FVO: Swatantrata ghar se hi shuru hoti. Saath mein khaane baithaya, school mein daakhila dilaya, toh aaj aapne apni beti ko kaise swantantra mehsoos karaya?

3. Ghar ki Panchayat 

The film opens on a relatively old man riding his bike through the gallis of the village. You see he is in a hurry to get somewhere.

On the way you see a man who’s washing his bike. He says ‘Sarpanch saab itni jaldi mein kahan ja rahe hain?’ 

He replies ‘Panchayat lagaani hai.’

There’s another man who’s sipping his evening chai on the parapet. He looks at the sarpanch on his bike and says, 

‘Par sarpanch saab panchayat ka rasta toh uss taraf hai!’ 

The sarpanch replies ‘Pata hai’ and just zooms past him. 

You cut to the sarpanch pulling over his bike outside a home and walking in. 

We see a little boy seeing him through the window. You see just one eye of the child as he peeps out.

We see the sarpanch keeping his jhola on the sofa and sitting down to remove his shoes.

Through the angle of the shoe, you see the same little boy now peeping from behind the curtains. His eye fixed on the shoes. He gets a sudden jerk when the father screams ‘Mohan! Idhar aa. Time ho gaya’ 

You see the kid’s shaky feet walking slowly towards the father. The mother comes out from the kitchen too.

Sarpanch shouts ‘Jaldi aa!’ And the kid just tries to hurry his steps but they are hesitant.

Sarpanch looks at the little boy and says ‘Yeh joota dikh raha hai?’ You see a tear drop from the boy’s eye. The mother is twiddling her finger. She tries to interrupt and says ‘Agli baar aur mehnat kar lega ji...’

Sarpanch looks at the wife as if asking her to stay out of this and looks back at the boy. He continues: ‘Dikh raha hai?’ The boys slightly nods his head. Sarpanch says ‘Isey wahan rakh ke aa’. The child is a little confused but does as he is asked to. 

The sarpanch eyes the wife to come and sit on the sofa. As the kid returns and stands there, Sarpanch says, 

Gaanv ka Sarpanch Hun. Agar haath uthaakar sujhaav milte toh panchayaton mein baatein nahi, laatein hoti. 

Idhar aake baith.


As the background blurs into the 3 talking the VO comes in,

FVO: Jab bure se bure haalat baatein karke sudhar sakte hain toh aapka beta kyon nahi? Gaanv ke saath saath, har ghar mein panchayat baithaaiye.

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